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Department International Planning Systems

Prof. Dr. Karina M. Pallagst

Building 3, Room 125
Tel.: 0631/205-5155

About us

The teaching and research field of international planning systems is mostly engaged into international trends of spatial planning, likewise the shrinking of cities and regions , the comparative research of spatial planning in Europe and the influence international trends have on spatial development and planning strategies on a national and regional level.
On this, practical comparisons of the planning systems and the underlying framework requirement are made, by means of different methods to lead to an exchange of experiences to single problems and possible approaches. This exchange of experiences is also supported by an international network of science and practice.


Die Forschung von Prof. Karina Pallagst wird in der aktuellen Publikation der National Academy of Sciences der USA erwähnt.

Latest publication

What drives planning in a shrinking city? Tales from two German and two American cases
von Karina Pallagst , René Fleschurz und Siba Said

Current debates in urban development display a rising awareness ... read more

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