Department International Planning Systems

Bachelor project summer semester 2011

Learning from Sweden - Development of rural areas in Rhineland-Palatinate

Duration: 18. April to 24. June 2011 (10 weeks)

Participants: 8 students

Tutors: René Fleschurz, Christina Steinhauer

Language: German, literature and interviews partly in English.

The aim of the bachelor project was the development of proposals for a future-oriented development of rural areas in Rhineland-Palatinate; inspired by experiences and best practice examples from Sweden.

The initial point were the variety of problems existing in rural areas  in Germany, caused by democratic change and the declining financial strength of municipalities. A major challenge is the supply of the rural population with social infrastructure (kindergarden, schools, etc.).

For the development of solution approaches it made sense to look at Sweden, one of the least dense populated countries of Europe, where similar problems have had to be fought for decades.

Within the project field trips to Pirmasens-Land, to Stockholm and surrounding areas took place where many interviews were conducted. The highlight of the 5-day trip was an integrated workshop with Swedish students at the University of Uppsala.

Some impressions from the trip:

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