Department International Planning Systems

Bachelor project summer semester 2013

Conceptual development of cross-border regions using the example of the “Grünmetropole” – Chances for strengthening

Duration: 15th April – 10th July, 2013 (12 weeks)

Participants: 7 students

Tutors: René Fleschurz, Beate Caesar 

Language: German, literature and interviews partly in English

The “Grünmetropole” is an example of cross-border cooperation in the German-Dutch-Belgian border area. Therefore the project offered the students the opportunity to deal with three different countries, their various planning cultures and processes as well as their way of cooperation.

The aim of the bachelor project was to analyze and evaluate basic problems and their solutions in the field of cross-border cooperation. In addition, the students designed a cross-border traffic concept as their own practical and self-selected core area.

The starting point of the project was the structural change in mining regions and as a consequence thereof the need to cooperate beyond borders to solve common problems and increase the attractiveness of the region.

As a part of the project the students went on a field trip to the “Grünmetropole” (Düren, Aachen, Valkenburg, Heerlen) for several days. Within this time several interviews with project partners of the cooperation project were conducted.

Impressions from the trip:

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