Department International Planning Systems

bachelor project 2019

Participation in cross-border spatial planning on the example of the Greater Regione SaarLorLux+

Duration: April 15 – July 10, 2019 (12 weeks)

Participants: 4 students

Supervisors:  Beate Caesar,  Jakob Schackmar

Language: German, French, English


The SaarLorLux+ Greater Region represents a cross-border planning area that is characterized by a variety of cross-border interdependencies. The planning systems and instruments of Germany, France, Belgium and Luxembourg, which collide in the Greater Region, are very different. In the case of spatial planning projects of cross-border significance, there are different guidelines and practices for the participation of neighbouring countries, which can influence project implementation.

Within the framework of the study project, the participants dealt with participation in spatial planning and concrete forms of participation in cross-border spatial development. In this context, the different guidelines and approaches to the involvement of neighboring countries in planning on and beyond national borders were examined and documented. This included legal regulations, informal processes and the challenges of participation in practice. The bachelor project was strongly linked to the master project 2019 of the department IPS, which dealt with the topics of planning culture in spatial planning and cross-border spatial development in the Greater Region. The master project developed an English-language simulation game  on planning in border regions, for students of spatial planning in the Greater Region in order to make different planning approaches and cultures tangible. The Master project was supported by the Bachelor project in the implementation of the simulation. The bachelor project also developed components of the simulation on the topic of participation.

Within the framework of the project, a one-day excursion to Luxembourg and Saarbrücken was carried out, during which several interviews with planning practitioners from the Greater Region were conducted.

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