Department International Planning Systems

Master thesis

The master thesis is a written examination showing that the candidate is able to adequately describe and solve a problem on his own. The topic has to be related to the field of spatial planning and processed within a limited time and by using methods learnt during the studies.

The conduction of the master thesis is usually carried out in the 4th semester. After having written the thesis, the results additionally have to be presented and discussed. The final grade for the students comprises the written component on the one hand the oral disputation on the other hand.

The master thesis can be written in single or in teamwork (max. 2 people).  Writing in teams of two students is only possible, if a clear distinction between each part can be seen and be assessed individually.

Formal requirements are described in the master examination regulations for Master programs Urban and Reginal Development / Environmental Planning and Law.

Details on writing a synopsis for the master thesis can be found here.

Guidelines of the department of International Planning Systems regarding layout and quotation can be found here.

Time allowed for completion: 12 weeks

Amount of pages: ca. 80

Achievements: Written report and disputation

Suggestions for topics

The department International Planning Systems offers several subjects for theses. 

A list of overall categories and topics is given in the link above and can be found here as PDF. In case of interest, all topics can be transferred to other states than stated.

Additionally to the suggested topics, we are of course also open for self-formulated ideas and topics.

Completed Master Theses

Here you can find a list of already completed master theses of the department International Planning Systems. For part of the theses you will also find summaries.








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