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Yuliia Popova combines backgrounds in urbanism and in humanities, which defines her human-centered approach to urban development. She graduated from the University of Stuttgart in 2020, having obtained a MSc degree in integrated urbanism and sustainable design. Yuliia has six years of experience with NGOs and civil society in Ukraine, working on the topics of sustainable urban development in the country, network building and stakeholders’ engagement. Her master thesis has investigated the concept of social mix in the redevelopment of the residential quarters. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, she has been working on the research of  the affordable housing models for Ukraine with the aim to support municipalities to provide housing for the Internally Displaced Persons in the cities of West Ukraine.  


2017 - 2020

Master of Science, Master Program “Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design”, University of Stuttgart, Germany

2006 - 2010

Master of Arts in Humanities (Semiotics), University of Tartu, Estonia

2005 - 2009

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, National University „Kyiv-Mohyla-Academy“, Kyiv, Ukraine

Work Experience


Research scholarship holder Technical University of Kaiserslautern

Conducting the research “Municipal strategies to accommodate the IDPs in Ukraine: from emergency response to affordable housing models implementation” as a response to the internal displacement in Ukraine due to the war. Establishing partnerships with the municipalities in Ukraine to support them in the affordable housing programs implementation.

2021 - 2022

Research Coordinator MetaLab NGO, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine with the support of “Migration and Diaspora Program by GIZ

Research design, team coordination, conducting research and preparing the analytical reports on the urban development topics relevant for the region. Building partnerships with the local authority and institutions to improve sustainability approaches and foster stakeholder cooperations.

2013 - 2022

Research AssistantFraunhofer-Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation (IAO), Stuttgart, Germany

Developing and testing of the Maturity Model for Sustainable Business Mobility, which included:

  • Research and definition of the key indicators of sustainable business mobility
  • Development of measurable scales of these indicators and their organization into the Maturity Model
  • Development of the methodology (survey) for evaluation of the Maturity Model


Democracy Support Program Coordinator Heinrich Boell Foundation Regional Office in Kyiv, Ukraine

Planned and implemented Democracy Support Program consisting of the three components: “Participatory Urban Development”, “German-Ukrainian Political Dialogue”, and “Critical Dialogue on Ukrainian History of XX Century”. Built a      network and partnerships with the NGOs, coordinated their activities and exchange. Grant management, financial and narrative reporting. Worked with the public discourse on the Program’s topics, and on strengthening the civil society’s voices.


  • Popova Yuliia (2020) Analyzing the Social Mix through the Social
  • Network Theory: a Case Study of Hallschlag Renovation Project in Stuttgart. University of Stuttgart. Master thesis.
  • Semenova, K., Pashynska, A., Popova, Y., Dobrova, A., Baran, M. (2022) Circular Design in the Public Spaces of Ivano-Frankivsk: an Analysis and Strategies of the Use of Construction Materials. NGO MetaLab, Ivano-Frankivsk.
  • Popova Yuliia  (2022) Women Who Green The Cities. Gender in Detail (online magazine)
  • Popova Yuliia  (2019) Towards Inclusive Memoryscape in Cape Town. Cape Town Watch (student newspaper), Stuttgart.

Yuliia Popova

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